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Reasons given to Organizing for America for unsubscribing to their newsletter

March 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

I need only preface what I said to the folks at “Organizing for America” [which is, as it says at the bottom of their emails, “a project of the Democratic National Committee”] with this. I very much supported Barack Obama for the candidacy, and then, as candidate, for the Presidency. I even sent him money. Repeatedly. Something I had never done for a politician, and may never do again (though see below, re: Barney Frank).

Somehow (yeah right!), as Mr. Obama is a member of the Democratic Party, my name got added to the list which is shared by all DNC offices and affiliates. So I am inundated. This is not acceptable.

I get three emails regularly from the likes of Barack Obama, David Plouffe, and others, not to mention Nancy Pelosi and other “luminaries” (those are what the Brits call, inverted commas… what we call “scare quotes” and so, yes, I mean that ironically).

Does all of this make the country work any better? Does it make the Democrats, which is what they still call themselves, act any less like Democrats? Or, worse, the Republicans (which is what they still call themselves), any less like Republicans?

I have always said, except for the rare exception, and none comes to mind off-hand, save possibly for Barney Frank (and I just gave his campaign money, which I sniffed at and there seemed to be no tie to the DNC… and he’s not my Congressman, but represents the district next door, and he is probably the smartest guy in the House, and he is targeted by the Republicans and the Tea Party crowd—that bunch of wing-nuts) that all politicians suck. Even Thomas Jefferson did, when it came down to the down and dirty of trying to get elected.

Anyway, here’s what I said to the Organizing for America bunch about
I was unsubscribing under that particular email address:

“I am subscribed under several email addresses. I am trying to consolidate them. You FILL my email inbox with junk… More than any other source. Also, I am not crazy about being on the DNC mailing lists… I am registered as unaffiliated. I am left-wing. But that doesn’t make me a Democratic Party member. Not by any means. I think both parties leave a lot to be desired, mainly because they are made up of politicians acting like politicians, instead of like legislators and statesmen and judges. Not to mention acting like leaders. Which, at the moment, no one is doing, except possibly, in fits and starts, President Obama.”

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