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This site is not affiliated directly with 02138 Magazine.
02138 was a magazine for alumni and all others around the world with a strong interest in all matters related to Harvard University! As far as we know it is no longer active, has been fallow for some time, and may, indeed, be entirely defunct. blog
now active

This site is intended for the sharing and exchange of information, opinions, advice, and all manner of other content for anyone and everyone who has ever made Harvard Square and Cambridge a part of their lives. Given the mission, it will also probably cover pretty much any subject or topic we choose, but the emphasis is preferably local.

The first manifestation is a blog, called simply blog. You may click on the link to check it out. It is at present in its infancy, or, if you prefer, beta stage. Functions will be added, gaffes and mistakes will lessen, and the content will come in a regular stream.

The blog focuses on life in 02138, the zip code for Harvard Square, in the other zip codes of Cambridge, and even in contiguous locales, and, while straining to remain localized, will also bring up anything that might be of interest to residents of that zip code. It also dips occasionally into foreign postal codes, particularly in Provence.

For matters considered more philosophically and globally (and particularly Francophilically) see the blog—really more a journal of lengthy essays at Per Diem.

For matters related to Harvard University affairs, and packaged especially to evince the interests of alumni and other Harvard-philes, we still recommend strongly that you use the links to the left, for 02138 Magazine (no relation). But remember to come back from time to time.


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